About Us

RAM Technologies is the only company dedicated and ISO9001 certified specifically for the design and manufacture of medical PC power supplies. All RAM Technologies products are proudly made in the USA.

What We Do

Founded in 1996, with years of experience in medical instrument design, our mission at RAM Technologies is to design and manufacture some of the most powerful and reliable medical-grade power supplies on the market.

We are firm believers that the design of PC-integrated medical products begins with the selection of a power supply, which must not only satisfy power requirements but also must conform to electrical safety regulations.

Many technical factors distinguish medical-grade power supplies from commercial units. Although commercially available power supplies may meet some safety standards, generally IEC 62368-1 standards, true medical-grade power supplies like ours must fully comply to IEC 60601-1 standards.


RAM Technologies power supplies are specifically designed to be long life, unlike power supplies made for standard PC applications. Our unique MultiLoop Technology dramatically reduces component heat stress and increases reliability to a demonstrated Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 1,000,000 hours (500,000 minimum).

Most “medical” PC power supplies are just certified to medical standards, but their design is still for the commercial PC market, which typically is designed to have an MTBF of 100,000 to 200,000 hours. We have analyzed our product failure data and root cause analysis over extended periods and consistently calculate MTBF close to one million hours for RAM power supplies. We accomplish this high MTBF by careful design and using the highest quality components available.

In the higher power units, we use two fans to improve airflow and add redundancy in case of fan failure.


Take advantage of our expertise in compliance to save time-to-market. Our power supplies are designed to meet IEC/ES 60601-1 and EN61000 standards. You can drop our power supply into your design and not need to search for compliance issues.


RAM Technology is a company filled with innovative engineering ideas, able to provide custom engineering services and solutions. If your application requires customization in output cables or other characteristics, we can accommodate them in small runs, usually at no additional cost.


Because we understand the need for long product life, RAM guarantees that our power supplies will be available for the life of your product, without obsolescence.

Inherent in all RAM designs is our dedication to quality and reliability. This allows us the confidence to offer a 3-year warranty on every RAM product.

RAM Technologies promises you uncompromising quality and service, with competitive prices. If you are looking for the best medical PC power supply on the market, please contact us.