Power Supply Accessories

RAM Technologies offers optional power supply accessories, including boards like our VB2000 and VB2014. Contact us for custom accessories.

VB2014 Module from RAM Technologies

VB2014-3248 Dual Voltage Converter Module

The VB2014-3248 dual-voltage converter module has two outputs, one of which can be programmed to 24Vdc, 32Vdc or 42Vdc by jumper position. Input power is connected via a 4-pin hard drive connector.


Input Voltage Range: 12Vdc +/- 5%
Input Connector: Amp 1-480426-0, 4-pin
Ripple: <100mV p-p
Max Continuous Input Current: 6 Amps
Operating Temperature: 0 to 45°C


Output #1: 24/32/42Vdc (jumper selectable)
24V @ 1.17 AMPs continuous 3.5 Amps peak, 28 Watts
32V @ 0.875 2.6 Amps peak, 28 Watts
42Vdc @ 0.5 Amps continuous 1.2 Amps peak (peak output is for less than 30 seconds), 28 Watts
Output #2: 48Vdc @ 0.5A Amp continuous, 1.2 Amps peak
Voltage Tolerance: +/- 4%

Output Connectors

J2: Switchcraft 722A for 24/32/42Vdc, 24”
J3: Amp 1-480318-0 2-pin female (pin1=+48Vdc pin2=GDN)
Mates with Amp 1-480319-0 male, 26”

Overload / Short Circuit Protection

Auto resetting after removal of overload condition

VB2000 Module from RAM Technologies

VB2000 Voltage Converter Module

The VB2000 voltage converter module is a high-efficiency non-isolated DC/DC converter design to interface with ATX power supplies where voltage boost is required. The VB2000 eliminates the need for additional AC/DC power supplies. The output can be preset to any voltage between 14 and 24 volts. At 24 volts the module is capable of delivering over 80 Watts.

Input/output wiring harness may be customized for specific requirements.


Input Voltage Range: 10 to 14 Vdc
Efficiency: > 90%


Current: 3.5 Amps, 4 Amps peak
Voltage: Factory set to 14 to 24Vdc
Overvoltage Protection: +15% of set point


Operational Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 80°C
Operational Humidity: 0 to 95% nc
Storage Humidity: 0 to 95% nc
Operational Altitude: -500 to 10,000 ft
Storage Altitude: -500 to 40,000 ft
MTBF: > 500,000 hours @ 35°C