Custom Medical Power Supplies

Variety of Custom Options

RAM Technologies provides an array of ATX and SFX medical-grade power supply options to fit your needs – all with strict adherence to UL60601-1, IEC60601-1, EN60601-1 compliances. If you need custom design solutions and custom modifications, please contact us. Our commitment to customers includes regulatory assistance from engineering through the completion of the product cycle.

Highest Level of Reliability for Medical PC Power Supplies

RAM Technologies, LLC is the only company dedicated and ISO9001 certified specifically for designing and manufacturing medical PC power supplies. Our medical-grade power supplies are specifically designed to be long life, unlike ones made for standard PCs. Most “medical” PC power supplies are just certified to medical standards, but their design is still for the commercial PC market, which are typically designed to have an MTBF of only 100,000 to 200,000 hours. With our years of experience and dedication, our power supplies have demonstrated MTBF of over 500,000 hours and a MTBF consistently calculated at close to one million hours.

We accomplish high MTBF by careful design and using the highest quality components available. In our higher-power units, we use two fans to improve airflow and add redundancy in case of failure. If your application requires customized output cables or other features, like our PFC275-48, we can accommodate them in small runs, usually at no additional cost.


RAM guarantees that your power supply will be available for as long as your product requires it, with no EOL.

For the best medical PC power supply on the market, please contact us.

PFC275-48 Custom Power Supply from RAM Technologies


275-Watt Medical Power Supply