Our Company

Founded in 1996 and located in Guilford, Connecticut, RAM Technologies is the only company dedicated and ISO9001 certified specifically for the design and manufacture of medical-grade power supplies and accessories for medical and industrial PC equipment.


We offer some of the most powerful and reliable medical PC power supplies on the market, standard and custom products, and consultations on compliance.

Recognizing the need for high-power PC power supplies for medical devices that conform to electrical safety regulations, electrical engineer Richard Mentelos founded RAM Technologies in 1996. Drawing on his years of experience in medical instrument design, he set out to focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of powerful and reliable medical power supplies for OEM customers.

The results were a line of medical-grade, 60601-1-compliant power supplies, with unprecedented reliability and quietness, using RAM’s exclusive MultiLoop Technology and Smart Fan Technology. This exclusive multi-loop, high-efficiency design reduced stress loading and dramatically improved reliability to a demonstrated MTBF of 500,000 hours and expected life of greater than 8 years, when use as specified.

Along the way, Mentelos has been awarded several patents for medical device circuits and is the author of “Electrical Safety in PC Based Medical Products” and “Medical Grade Power Supplies‑Safety and Reliability Set Them Apart.

To supply customer demand, RAM Technologies developed and manufactured more custom power supplies and custom cable assemblies, the popular PFC275-48 being one of the resulting products. The 600W PFC600PCX followed, and then our powerful 800W power supply, the PFC800PCX.

RAM has continued its decades-long tradition of quality products and service, even during the unprecedented global changes resulting from a pandemic. In 2021, Richard Mentelos decided to turn over running the company to Greg Tuers, the new president of RAM Technologies.

“Greg can help take RAM Technologies to the next step and has the right experience and drive to lead the company,” Mentelos stated. “I will be available to mentor and help guide the company but will step away from the day-to-day running of the company. I’m looking forward to more time for other projects.”

“This is a unique opportunity, as the company has a great technology and workforce. There is room for growth for new products and market while remaining customer focused,” stated Tuers.

RAM Technologies continues its dedication to quality and reliability, and its ability to provide custom engineering services and solutions, while bringing new innovations and designs to its customers.

We set out to make high-quality, reliable medical power supplies and are gratified that our vision has come true. Today thousands of our products powering some of the most sophisticated PC-based medical products in the world.

We welcome your input and inquiries; please feel free to contact us.