Get to Market Faster

The right power supply will help you get to market faster

Cut Time to Market with a Medical Power Supply You need to get to market quickly with your device. The less time in development, the sooner to market, which means the better your chances of gaining the market advantage One way to cut time is by sourcing medically compliant components from quality vendors. And one […]

6 Things to Know About Leakage Current in Medical Devices

6 Things to Know About Leakage Current

Safety is critical in medical devices, so mitigating leakage current, a primary source of shock hazards, is an important part of your design. One way to do that is by using a certified medical power supply.   What is leakage current? Leakage current is an electrical current flowing along an unwanted path instead of its intended circuit […]

What Does MOOP and MOPP Mean for Medical Power Supplies?

Table of EN 60601-1 Means of Protection requirements

Means of Protection MOP, MOOP, and MOPP — these might sound like muppet names, but they are actually at the heart of medical device design. The purpose of a medical device is to help a patient be well, so the device should not do harm. In medical device design, MOP stands for Means of Protection […]

Leakage Current Requirements for Medical Power Supplies

Diagram of measuring for earth leakage current

Keeping patients safe is critical in medical device design. For electrical medical devices, one of the most important aspects of this is eliminating shock hazard. As leakage current is the primary source of shock hazard, low leakage levels are crucial and the main difference between a medical-grade power supply and a commercial-grade one. What is […]

Leakage Current in Power Supplies

Diagram of leakage current in a power supply.

Guard Against Electric Shock When designing a PC-based medical device, you need reliable energy source that won’t shock patients. Minimizing leakage current, a leading potential cause of shock hazard, is an important part your device design and vitally important in medical power supplies. At all times you should avoid shock hazards in your designs, but […]

Leakage Current in Medical Devices

Diagram of earth, touch, and patient current leakage. in medical devices

Safety is a critical factor in medical device design, so it is important to understand the potential hazards of different types of leakage current (earth, touch, and patient). Each of these types requires a Means of Protection (MOP) to keep patients and caregivers safe.   What is leakage current? Leakage current is an electrical current […]

Active PFC Boosts Power Supply Efficiency

Diagram of a PFC controller circuit

What is PFC? Power Factor Correction (PFC), a feature that makes a power supply more efficient. With PFC more and cleaner power is available for your devices. When processing energy for your devices, a power supply is plugged into an electrical socket the electricity (input power) goes through a series of components. These components use […]