How to Choose the Right Power Supply For Your Medical Device

Are you familiar with the iron triangle?

Also known as the project management triangle, the unattainable triangle, or the triple constraint, the triangle often provides a visual representation of the all-too-familiar struggle of getting what you want in business with some degree of necessary sacrifice.

You may have also heard the phrase: “Good, fast, cheap.  Choose two” from the Common Law of Business Balance.

When it comes to anything in your business, you need to figure out how to balance price, speed, and quality.  This includes choosing the right power supply for your medical device. 

We are told we can’t win in the opposing forces of speed, quality, and price.  But what if we could get all three instead of just choosing two?  When buying a medical device power supply, realizing that you can have all three comes down to looking at the long-term effects, not just the short-term. 

Balancing price, quality, and speed with a medical device power supply 

The short-term effects of the iron triangle definitely ring true when choosing a PSU.  If you go with something that’s ready quickly and affordable, you may find that the quality is lacking.  For medical power supplies that are priced well and high-quality, you might not get them in the time you need.  Finally, high-quality power supplies with a fast turnaround time don’t often come at an affordable price.  However, we want to reframe your thinking and explain how you may be able to get all three, not just choose two.

RAM Technologies offers PC-based power supply units for medical devices that often have a higher upfront price than other PSUs, but that’s only the beginning of the story.  While our price may be higher at the beginning of a power supply’s lifecycle, we save manufacturers money both in development and over time. 

If you choose the right power supply the first time, you won’t need to purchase a second power supply to provide power to the non-PC components within your device.  You also won’t have to rework the cables to get them to your desired length.  RAM Technologies can provide cables at the proper length, as well as cables for different items if you have non-traditional PC components.  We’ll eliminate the need for a second power supply, saving you money and the hassle of sourcing and stocking an additional PSU. 

The ability to customize your medical device power supply is worth its weight.  RAM Technologies offers customizations of power supplies and cables to fit your project specifications and comply with all applicable regulations.  Instead of altering a commercial power supply to abide by compliance guidelines and your needs, you can work with a company that offers customization right out the gate. 

Even if the upfront cost is higher, we offer fast turnaround for the initial prototype run and can cut down on the effort and time you’d spend getting your PSU customized elsewhere. 

These differences mean a lower cost over the life of your product.  Contact us and learn more about how we can make all three points in the iron triangle possible. 


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RAM Technologies’ power supplies are 60601-1 3.2 certified and meet 60601-1-2 EMC standards. When you’re designing your medical device and need help with a PSU,  contact us for details.


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