650W SFX Medical PC Power Supply


650-Watt SFX Power Supply

The PFC650SFX is a 650W SFX medical PC power supply that is the most compact, powerful solution for your high-power medical device applications.  It features RAM’s unique MultiLoop Technology utilizing the latest Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, which reduces stress loading and dramatically improves reliability.  Able to run two high-end graphics cards, the power supply is ideally suited for embedded applications in graphics-intensive systems.

Includes low-noise fan with Smart Fan Technology and a choice of output cables.

Made in the USA.

Pending UL Approval.



Cabling: Cable connectors and lengths are customized to your specifications. Please consult our output cable configurator or contact us for details.
ATX12VO Option: Can be built to conform to the Intel® 12-Volt only configuration, using the 10-pin motherboard power connector.
12VHPWR Option: Can be built to conform with the new PCIe Graphics Card Connector with a 450W Maximum Sustained Power.
Recommended Line Cord: SJT, 3X16 or 3X14 AWG





Input Voltage Range: 100 to 240 Vac +/-10%
Supply Overvoltage: Cat Two < 300V
Input Current: 7.85A max
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Inrush Current: 45A Cold @ 240 Vac
Efficiency: 80% typ
PFC Correction: Active > .95
Leakage Current: < 250uA @ 264 Vac 60Hz
Input Fuses: 2X 8A 250V Line & Neutral


Max Output Power: 600W cont. 650Wp (see note 5)
Hold-Up Time: > 40ms @ full load
Overvoltage Protection: +15% of set voltage
Thermal Protection: Auto Recovery/ cycle pwr. on
Minimum Loading: None
Cross regulation: < 0.5%
Line Regulation: < 0.05%
Load Regulation: < 1% +/- cable factor
AC Turn-On Time: < 2 sec
+12Volt Output: Rated to 54.2 Amps

Output Voltage (+/-3%) +12V +5V +3.3V -12V +5Vsb
Output current max. 50A/ 54.2A 24A 24A
0.5A 3.0A/3.5A
Ripple mV p-p 100 50 50 100 50


Operational Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature: -40 to 80°C
Operational Humidity: 0 to 95% nc
Storage Humidity: 0 to 95% nc
Operational Altitude: -500 to 9,840 ft
Storage Altitude: -500 to 40,000 ft
Pollution Degree Class: Two


MTBF (demonstrated): > 500,000 hours
Expected Life: > 8 years, when use as specified

EMC Compliance

EN55011 Conducted and Radiated Emissions
EN61000-3-2 Harmonics
EN61000-3-3 Flicker
EN61000-4-2 ESD Level 3
EN61000-4-3 RF Susceptibility 10V/m
EN61000-4-4 EFT Level 3
EN61000-4-5 Surge Level 3
EN61000-4-6 RF Conducted Immunity
EN61000-4-11 Voltage Dips, Short Interruptions
EN61000-4-39 Magnetic Fields

Standards Compliance

ATX 3.0
ISO 9001:2015
EN60601-1 / ES60601-1 3.2 edition
UL file E191947 Approval Pending 
Desktop Platform Form Factors: 2018 Rev 002
Lead-free RoHS and REACH compliant
ECCN# EAR99 Conflict Material compliant
Patient Protection: Two MOPP


  1.  Max output from +5V & +3.3V= 140 Watts. When loading the +5V &+3.3V, multiply total load by 1.2 and subtract from 600W/650W
  2. Over current for +12V reset is accomplished by cycling power-on signal
  3. Over current for +5V, +3.3V, -12V, & +5Vsb auto resetting
  4. Derate output 9W/volt input from 100 Vac to 90 Vac
  5. 650W, 10s every 50s