RAM Technologies PFC800PCX and PFC600PCX Approved Under IEC 60601-1 Revision 3 Amendment 2

If you have a PC-based medical device that’s currently in development, your device and all subsequent components need to be compliant with IEC’s latest standard, 60601-1 Revision 3, Amendment 2. The FDA listed 60601-1 3.2 as a recognized standard on May 30, 2022, and by December 17, 2023, it will replace version 3.1 That means any devices being developed that will be on the market after this date will need to comply to the standard. 

RAM Technologies has been preparing for this change and can meet your PSU needs. Our PFC800PCX and PFC600PCX PSUs meet the version 3.2 requirements and are now certified. 

When shopping for power supplies for your medical device, you’ll want to consider which will be able to pass rigorous safety standards outlined by 60601. Standard commercial-grade power supplies might not meet these requirements. Our certified medical-grade power supplies can help you go to market faster, giving you one less component to worry about in your development lifecycle. 

Our PFC800PCX 800W ATX PSU is an 800-watt power supply that features RAM’s unique MultiLoop Technology, improving reliability dramatically while reducing stress loading on the system. It is ideal for high-powered embedded medical device applications in graphic-intensive systems. 

The PFC600PCX 600W ATX PSU is well-suited for embedded imaging applications that require high-peak currents. The demonstrated mean time between failures (MTBF) is over 500,000 hours and the PSU’s design protects against short-circuiting and overloading. Our unique, independent control loop ensures that under any loading conditions, you’ll get pure, clean power. 

For questions about our medical-grade certified power supplies, and for custom requests, contact us today.


RAM Technologies’ power supplies are 60601-1 3.2 certified and meet 60601-1-2 EMC standards. When you’re designing your medical device and need help with a PSU,  contact us for details.

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