Why Buy a Medical PSU from RAM Technologies? 

We understand medical device design – the care and attention you put into each part of your build. You want to make sure you have a power supply model that is reliable, high-quality, and available through the lifecycle of your product. 

That’s where RAM Technologies comes in. Our PC medical power supplies provide cutting-edge technology, demonstrated lasting power, a manufacturing partner that’s with you for the long-run, and customization of cables to suit your needs. When you’re looking to buy a PSU for your PC-powered medical device, look no further than RAM Technologies. Here’s why. 

RAM Technologies’ power supplies are designed specifically with PC-based medical devices in mind 

If you’re in the market for a medical device PC power supply, you need outputs of 12V, 5V, & 3.3V. Most standard medical PSUs output on only one voltage. RAM Technologies is set apart from general medical device PSUs and commercially available power supplies by being a company that specializes in PC power supplies for medical devices. Our niche exists to suit your needs perfectly. 

Our medical PSUs are built to comply with several safety standards 

Even if commercially available power supplies meet some safety standards, they might not fully comply to IEC 60601-1 standards necessary for medical electrical equipment. Our units are specifically designed as medical device PC power supplies, and are fully compliant to these standards. All of our power supplies are compliant with:

  • EN 60601-1
  • EN61000
  • EN55011


They also meet 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) and are ATX 3.0 compliant. Full information on compliance can be found on individual product pages

We make PC medical power supplies that are built to last 

When it comes to the staying power of our units, there’s no need to worry about the expected life of our PC medical PSUs. Our units offer more than 500,000 hours of mean time between failures (MTBF) and over eight years of expected life. The products are designed precisely for high-power medical device applications, while other companies build off of commercial power supplies, only offering 100-200,000 hours of MTBF on average. 

A big problem in the market is obsolescence. You not only need to ensure that the power supply lasts as long as the rest of your medical device, you also need a power supply that is available from the beginning of production until you are ready for your next generation device. RAM Technologies boasts a long production cycle – we’re still making power supplies that we started with 26 years ago. You don’t have to worry about your needed PSU going obsolete quickly and finding yourself stuck. 

Cutting-edge, high-quality technology is at the forefront 

Because we focus on long production cycles and not just flash-in-the-pan development, every medical PSU we sell is built using the highest quality components and the latest technology available at the time of development. We only produce new power supplies every 4-6 years. These PSUs are purposefully designed to be long life, which could only be achieved by including cutting-edge technology when in development. 

Our signature MultiLoop Technology, for example, decreases heat stress in components dramatically and also increases the demonstrated MTBF to 1,000,000 hours (500,000 minimum), improving reliability significantly. Our newest 650-watt SFX power supply, introduced in 2022, includes silicon carbide (SiC) technology, which also reduces stress loading and markedly improves reliability. 

We’ll help you get the size and wattage you need

Whether you’re looking for a compact solution or more power, PSUs from RAM Technologies can meet both size and safety requirements. For medical device engineers looking to reduce the size of their products, we offer a 650-watt power supply in a compact SFX. When you’re looking for a smaller unit that can still meet 60601-1 safety standards for medical devices, this is the unit for you. Most competitors offer 400-watt units for small form factor layouts on the high end. 

For more power, RAM Technologies offers an 800-watt supply. The 800-watt unit is perfect for embedded applications in graphic-intensive systems. Other companies tend to max out at 700-watt units. Contact us to learn more about the power supply that will work best for your device.   

Custom engineering is available 

If you have output cables or other pieces that need to be customized, we can accommodate small runs of custom engineering. For example, we’ve received requests for 12-volt and 5-volt barrel jacks lately, customization that other competitors don’t accommodate. However, we’re happy to provide these non-standard cables to better cater to our customers. 

Instead of compromising and purchasing a commercially available power supply designed for generic purposes, work with a company that deliberately creates medical device PC power supplies. We’ve got the quality, reliability, customization, and staying power you’re looking for. Reach out to us with questions or start your order today


RAM Technologies has been supplying PC power supplies for FDA-approved medical devices since 1996. Contact us for details.


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