The right power supply will help you get to market faster

Get to Market Faster

Cut Time to Market with a Medical Power Supply

You need to get to market quickly with your device. The less time in development, the sooner to market, which means the better your chances of gaining the market advantage.

One way to cut time is by sourcing medically compliant components from quality vendors. And one of the most crucial components in a PC-based medical device is the power supply. Look for a certified medical-grade power supply that helps you with:

  • Compliance: Use a power supply designed and built to fully meet EN 60601-1 and EN61000 and the other medical and electrical standards you need to meet.
  • Customization: Get the outputs you need on the power supply, customized and ready to drop into your design. Look for a power supply powerful enough to run your auxiliary devices as well, to simplify the process.

Choose Certified Medical Power Supplies

You need to concentrate on your medical device design innovations, not the power supply. Use a certified medical power supply for a faster time through your all-important design and testing phase.


RAM Technologies has been designing and making the highest quality, certified medical power supplies for PC-based medical equipment since 1996. Contact us and we’ll help you cut your time to market.



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